Dobinsons Rear Bumpers w/jerry can and tire carriers - 60/70/80/100/200 Series (1 Viewer)

Apr 4, 2010
Austin, TX
Mike, my #1 gripe about my 100 series bumper is the little integrated LED lights are crap. From the begining they have had dead lights. How do we get replacements? The small size is very hard to find anywhere.
I need to qualify this statement. I bought my 100 series Dobinsons bumper from Mike in March 2018, and it has been EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD. The bumper is rock solid, it's swing outs are significantly more robust than others -- the spare tire and jerry can's swing outs pivot on dual tapered bearing car axle spindles. The motion is smooth and sold. The retaining latches and other bits that secure the swingouts are better than any others I have seen on any other brand. I was so impressed with my Dobinsons bumper that I went out and bought a big 8'x10' Dobinsons Awning (LINK), which also has exceeded my expectations.

The six little LED lights however arrived with burned out LEDs and across 2.5 years are now barely functioning. Because my stock tail and brake lights are covered up on the right behind my spare tire these additional lights are pretty important. I hope to find some replacements, but they appear to be an unique size and I've had difficulty sourcing replacements.

Having said that, the Bumper and EVERYTHING else about it has been exceptional. I have jacked up the truck from the bumper and slammed it across rocks and ledges many times, and cannot observe any consequences. It has helped keep me in one piece across the mountains and remote deserts of the US and Mexico.

You can observer that my four generic (orange) traction/recovery boards fit perfectly between the swingouts and the tailgate of my truck. I also added an onboard air outlet seen as a blue in the photos. For reference, my 1999 LandCruiser is lifted 3" and is riding on 33" tires. The 33"spare fits perfectly.

Chilling in Mexio:

Toyota Jamboree 2019

A short video from that day I tried to follow a mule trail up to the back side of Mt Bufa in Guanajuato, Mexoco.

I would without pause or hesitation 100% recommend the Dobinsons rear bumper over any other option, and if for some reason I had to buy another bumper I would purchase another Dobinsons.
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