Dobinsons IMS Struts and Shocks - Adjustable Height Monotubes - 2nd/3rd Gen Tacomas


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Jun 6, 2005
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The cat got out of the bag recently about the new Dobinsons IMS shocks, so I'm starting this thread to give the details about these new struts from Dobinsons that are arriving in March 2020, and rear shocks hopefully coming later in 2020.

nternal reservoir

I guess IRMS sounded silly, and considering the already existing MRR (Monotube Remote Resi), a non-resi version didn't sound right either, this is the wording Dobinsons are going with.

In a nutshell, the IMS struts and shocks are almost the same as the MRR/MRA but with an IFP (Internal Floating Piston) inside the shock body with a small gas reservoir, and no external hose or reservoir. Same monotube body size, piston diameter, shaft thickness, and also the struts are height adjustable thanks to the fully threaded body. Super easy installation.
These do not have any valving adjustment.

From the manufacturer:
Dobinsons IMS Monotube Shock Absorbers are designed for next level performance over Twin Tube Shocks in those hot, harsh, demanding conditions. By utilising the Monotube design, Dobinsons IMS Shock Absorbers are able to resist fade far longer on corrugated roads, long or hard working 4WD trips, towing or racing conditions.

The larger 50 and 60mm high flow pistons reduce internal pressures, reduce the heat generated, transfer heat to the body for faster cooling and offer improved damping performance and vehicle control at higher shaft speeds on rough terrain and during big impacts. Threaded bodies on struts allow for fine tuning of height and offer further improvements in cooling.
The micro-polished, hard chromed and heat treated shock shaft, CNC aluminium high flow race inspired piston, and DOM seamless tubing body provides the ultimate in performance and off-road durability.

Composite piston wear bands and a race style 3-stage sealing system offer the lowest levels of friction whilst maintaining durability and longevity. Dobinsons team of engineers spend hundreds of hours of testing and tuning
the shim stacks and damping characteristics in each IMS Shock to ensure a balance of comfort, handling, vehicle control and offroad performance - Enjoy the ride

  • Fully re-buildable and re-valvable
  • Zero shock fade in all terrains with full load
  • Direct, bolt-on replacement for easy fitment
  • Uses existing full range of coil springs and top mounts
  • Highest quality rubber bushings top and bottom for maximum NVH dampening
  • Corrosion resistant (EDP Surface Protection)
  • Heavy duty single piece lower leg
  • Enormous oil capacity
  • Heavy Duty 3 Stage FKM HNBR Sealing System for the ultimate in reliability
  • Race inspired hi-flow CNC 6061 Billet alloy piston – for the ultimate in offroad handling
  • 56mm/2.2” Bodied Series - 50mm hi-flow CNC 6061 Billet alloy piston - 50mm bore
  • 66mm/2.6” Bodied Series - 60mm hi-flow CNC 6061 Billet alloy piston - 60mm bore

The body size is 56mm with a 50mm piston for these vehicles:
4th/5th Gen 4Runner
2nd/3rd Gen Tacoma
Lexus GX470 and GX460

The body size is 66mm with a 60mm piston for these vehicles:
Land Cruiser 80, 100, and 200 series

Part numbers for 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma 2005+ IMS struts and shocks. Click on part number to see pricing and further details of each item. **SOLD IN PAIRS**
IMS59-50220 - IMS Front Struts - suits 0-3.5" lift - stock arrived March 2020

Rear shocks - at this time only the MRA59-A940 is available/coming soon. Still waiting to see if Dobinsons will product a IMS version of it for Tacomas.

Initial pricing is $500/pr front struts


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Jun 6, 2005
Miami, Florida
These adjustable height front struts came into stock today.
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