Dobinsons 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma (05-15, 16+) options and specifications


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Tying together all the info for all the parts that Dobinsons makes for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma's here in this thread. If you have any technical questions about what each part is, what it does, specifics on it or anything more, please let me know.

All listed heights are for 4x4 Dual Cab Tacoma's 2005-2015 and 2016+
***Access cab 2016+ Tacoma's come 1" taller in the front than dual cabs, so take that into account when choosing lift heights. Lift heights listed are for dual cabs!!

Dobinsons is most known (in the Land Cruiser world) for their coil spring options, so here's our list:
Front Coils -
C59-296 - 15mm (1/2") lift, Stock front end, 586# (teal only)
C59-300 - 25mm (1.0") lift, Stock front end, 586#
C59-302 - 40mm (1.6") lift, Stock front end, 586#
C59-314 - 50mm (2.0") lift, Medium load front end (50-110lbs), 586#
C59-352 - 50mm (2.0") lift, Heavy load front end (110-240lbs), or 60mm lift
C59-354 - 60mm (2.4") lift, Heavy load front end (110-240lbs), or 70mm lift (2.75") lift with no weight on front end, 730#

Coil colors are teal (standard), black or red, based on availability

**Dobinsons coils will fit Bilstein struts and many other brands. They're not an exclusive cut/shape/size as far as the ends of the coils are concerned.

Front struts
GS59-221 - Twin tube, nitrogen charged, suitable for 0 to 2.5" of lift.
GS59-220 - Twin tube, nitrogen charged, suitable for 2.5" to 3.5" of lift. Longer travel, taller coil seat height
IMS59-50220 - IMS Front Monotube struts - for 0-3.5" lift
MRA59-A221 - 3-way adjustable MRA struts w/resi - For 0-2.5" Front lift
MRA59-A220 - 3-way adjustable MRA struts w/resi - For 2-3.5" Front lift - longer travel

Strut top caps
SC59-001 - We can assemble coils on the struts for you before shipping for an extra cost, saving you time for the install at home

Diff Drop Kit
DD59-527K - Suits Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Hilux and Fortuner. Includes spacers for skid plate drop too.

Front UCA's
UCA59-003K - Suits 2005 to current Tacomas. Pair of replacement upper control arms to fix alignment issues with 2.5"+ lift heights. Use OE type rubber bushes on the frame end, and replaceable 555 Japanese high angle ball joint on the wheel side. 38mm OD tube, 5mm wall thickness (0.2") HSLA steel. Fixed caster of 3 degrees built in. Strongest and thickest build on the market. Ball joints don't come installed, but we offer that for additional cost prior to shipping.

Here are the specs of the leaf spring options:

Leaf Springs
3+2 Leaves, Raised Height (55mm Lift, 2.1″), Medium Duty, Recommend 50 to 100KG (110-220lbs) constant load

4+2 Leaves, Raised Height (55mm Lift, 2.1"), Heavy Duty, 280KG constant load
**Remove a leaf for light load/empty rear ends on these springs.

5+1 Leaves, Raised Height (55mm Lift, 2.1"), Super Heavy Duty, 400-550KG constant load

Rear Bushing Kit
Full rear poly bush kit, for fixed end and shackle ends, both sides, contains 12 x 1/2 bushings and sleeves (1 needed per vehicle), which covers both sides fixed end, and both end of the shackle (3 positions per leaf spring).

Rear Leaf Spring Greasable Pins
Greasable pins (bolts), zinc coated, gold appearance, designed to be able to grease bushing without removing, saving the time and effort to pull it out and regrease it (common with some brands of leaf springs). Can work on both ends of the leaf spring, so 4 per vehicle would be needed (sold individually or as pairs).

U-bolt kits, zinc coated, gold appearance. Sold as a pair, so 2 needed per vehicle.

Rear shocks
GS59-940 - Twin tube, nitrogen charged, suitable for 0-3" lift.
MRA59-A940 - 3-way adjustable MRA shocks w/resi - For 0-3" lift

Quick Ride Kit
QR59-551K - 2" lift height
QR59-552K - 1.2" lift height (30mm) - NEW FOR MARCH 2020
Contains 2 spacer blocks and suitable longer u-bolts to lift the rear without removing or changing OE leaf springs. Angled to correct pinion angle. Suitable for people on a budget, or not wanting to change rear ride quality from stock. Does require longer shocks.

CV Outer Boot Kit
CV59-554K - High clearance stretch style CV boots for the outer position of the front shafts. High quality silicone, includes all new grease and clamps - great for lifted vehicles with higher angle CV's which are prone to boot failure

Dobinsons MRA 3-Way adjustable Monotube struts and shocks - How to Adjust

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