Do you have to pull the headlights to get at the rad bolts on an LX450?

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Dec 17, 2004
Boise, Idaho
Title says it all - I am replacing my rad this morning. The last two nuts that hold the rad in seem to be buried by the headlight buckets. Do I have to pull them to get access? The center section of the grill is out now...
No. You will need to pull the battery tray and the windshield wiper bottle to get to them. HTH
I have the tray out and can get to the bottom mount bolts ( the vertical ones). I can't get at the nuts on the 2 studs that are horizontal and run thru the front sheet metal (the upper mounts).
turns out the answer is:

Yes - 4 bolts and 3 screws per bucket and access is achieved to the nuts....
No, the headlights don't have to be removed. You'll need 1/4" drive "wobbly" extensions to get to the rad nuts.:)
No but in my opinion it makes it way easier, especially if you are installing an aftermarket radiator. I had some slight fit issues with mine. I didn't unplug them just removed all the bolts and pushed the lights out of the way

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