Wanted Do you have a Broken or Unusable Air Rail 80-87??

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May 29, 2011
Newbie needs your re-usable fittings that came with the air rail. I am talking about the 13mm x 1.5 thread x 8mm tube nuts that are on the rail and thread to the union. Let me know how many you have...how much you want and shipping to 23322.

I am duplicating an air rail in stainless and could use your help!!

iirc they're available new at the dealer; same as the fuel fittings maybe?!

why go thru all the trouble to make one out of stainless???????
The "Air Rail" or Air Injection Manifold is a discontinued item through Toyota as of last year. The fittings are very unique and only sold with the air rail new. The original materials Toyota constructed the Air Injection Manifold out of was essentially 3/4/ 7/8 electrical conduit material(s) and 5/16 or 8mm steel fuel line. I have decided to reproduce it out of stainless tubing and tig it together so this will not be a project I will revisit as the electrical conduit clock turns due to the extreme weather variables on the east coast..
did you try a fuel line fitting?...

and why not use a good used air rail? they're not that difficult to find in good shape.
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