do ya have to prime a new pump?

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Jul 28, 2004
Medford, Oregon
I just finished re-doing a complete sag power steering on my 40 (new mounts, box, shaft and joints). When I start the engine the pump is screaming even though it has fluid. Filled the resivor and cranked engine, res partially drained in the gear so I put more in. Now the fluid is foaming and the pump is quite until I move the wheel and it screams a bit more.

Does the gear need to be primed or am I missing something else.

Thanks, Greg :beer:
Put oil in pump, jack the front of the truck up and support it on jack stands, leave engine off, and cycle the steering from stop to stop, left and right many, many, many, many, many, many, many times, (please read A LOT/for a WHILE) refilling the pump reservoir when it will take more oil. Doing this is allowing air and oil to burp out of the system.

The pump squealing is the sound it makes when it is not moving fluid, and causing damage to itself. You do not want to continue to run the engine without oil in the pump, or you will be purchasing a new pump and doing this process over again.

Good luck!

just do what Poser said and it will be all good But i would run the engine after a bit of back-n-forth to help purge it all out.
Thanks guys.............going to sit in it and drink beer while a cycle the steering....:beer: :beer:
Check the fluid level when it is running and add more fluid if necessary. Don't get fooled by bubbles in the box and lines. They expand when you shut it off and the reservior appears full when it isn't.

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