Do OME 2.5's require caster shims?

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Sep 2, 2007
Longmont, CO
A couple of posts here on mud say I need caster shims with my OME Dakar 2.5" lift... but I'm not sure if they're running OME shackles or something longer. None of the kit's seem to come with them, however, which is strange if they're necessary.

Assuming I use all OME components, do we think caster shims are req'd? I've gotta do this in a weekend (truck is my DD), so I need to have parts ready in advance.
No, as long as you use the shackles that OME recomments. Presumably they are the stock ones. OME is mighty proud of the fact that the proper caster is built into their springs. It is a patented feature, although maybe the patent has expired.

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