Do I Rebuild or Replace the Carb?

Dec 4, 2002
It's to be expected since I've been building this '78 FJ40 for a year that the carb would gunk up. It was setting for 6 months before I drug it out of my brother's yard.
After the motor rebuild she ran well for about 15 miles then she spit and sputtered like crazy.
Get this! Someone retro-fitted a Motorcraft 2 BBL carb on this 2F motor. I think it's the same carb as on the Ford In-line 6 truck motor. So should I rebuild...never rebuilt a carb before but I have all the tools,air compressor,etc. It was converted to Manual choke.
I'm probably rated a 3-wrench mechanic. I've done brake jobs,replaced power brake boosters,changed cluthces,replaced valve lifters,etc.....but only REPLACED a carb,not rebuilt one.
If a mechanic charges me $50 an hour plus parts I may be close to a price for a new carb.
What's your advice? ???


UP of MI.
Jan 28, 2003
UP of Michigan
Sort of comes down to preference. If you want to build your ride back up and come out of the garage with the new a new one. Sell your old one to one of these guys who has experience with rebuilds.

OR....if you feel like learning something, rebuild it. If you're not in a hurry, rebuild it and use it. If you're ready to roll, buy a new one, rebuild it, and sell it rebuilt or keep it as a spare. like me...try to rebuild it, do piss poor the first time and buy a new one and re-rebuild your rebuild.
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I love the Aisin carb. If I were you I might be inclined to buy a new Aisin to replace the retrofitted Ford one. If you had an Aisin, I would rebuild it.
Jun 2, 2003
Sahuarita, Az.
I will admit right up front that I am biased.

You need the stock Aisin. Weather new or a salvaged rebuild, it needs to be what came with the 2f. If you find a salvaged carb a rebuild kit is $30 or so. Follow the tech manual and take your time, (youcandoit).


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