Do I really want an FJ62?

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Oct 12, 2010
I've been reading the forum for a long time, and I know that a Land Cruiser is in my future, I just can't quite figure out which one I want. There are a lot of good arguments for an FZJ80, but I also really like the 60 series, perhaps because of the memories of camping in my dad's 60.

My uses for a Cruiser here in Colorado are going to be camping with my fiance and our two dogs, snowboarding/skiing with 4 people and two dogs (roof racks and storage are planned, as well as rear sliding windows if I get a 62...and lift, and tires, and armor), and second around town vehicle.

The extra comforts of a 62 over a 60 are preferred, and the auto is a plus for :princess: who is iffy with a manual. This is important since it will technically be hers as we will be selling her subaru for a cruiser. We don't want leather, it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

The concerns I really have about a 62 are these:

They will be a bit older and therefore most will need a bit more refurbishing to get up to snuff. More time investment (small concern)

Will a 62 cost much less than an FZJ80? It seems like the 62s I see all have higher miles, and by the time I service everything it might be just as expensive for a vehicle that is older tech (but waaaaaay cooler:D)

Will a 62 get us up the mountains in a semi-timely fashion? I understand that I won't be racing up hills like a sports car, but will I be "that guy" holding up traffic all the way to the slopes up I-70?

Thanks for the great forum and all the info around here.
My FJ62 is kinda old school funky when you compare it to the newer rigs. Every so often, I get a nice compliment on it by someone who knows what it is, and hasn't seen one in a while. My FJ62 likes to drop oil on the garage floor, and it is no gas mileage champ, either. But, it has personality, and I have grown sort of attached to it.

I like the drive train; solid axles, leaf springs, locking hubs, it's all pretty basic. And I like the automatic transmission. If the motor or tranny goes out on my rig, I will be sorely tempted to ship it out to Proffitt's for a Vortec/GM auto conversion. For now, though, I just run the 3FE/A440F.

Oh, and on a hilly highway, I am usually "that guy" holding things up in my FJ62. Partly my fault, because I run 33's, but do remember that the truck was built at a time when the national speed limit was 55 mph. It is fine with me, though. I'm almost 50 years old, and I don't do things in a hurry anymore.
My FJ62 am.jpg
I have BJ60 and get satisfied very was a tough rig, I use as a DD everyday...and planning for the future to have 80 series.I'm going to collecting many TOYOTA series, that is my dream.
Forget the 62 , get yourself an 80 !
Nice truck RIGGER, and I love your comment about " I'm almost 50 years old, and I don't do things in a hurry anymore." We are enjoy it when we are driving this truck, if we want or addicted with speed, just buy sport car .In my country Indonesia, I know one people who is really TOYOTA maniac! He is collect only long base series, and until today he own about 20 truck in many different series...

So enjoy the LEGEND and let the LEGEND a live again....
The FJ62 was the bridge between the FJ60s and the fj80s. The body was probably designed in the 1970s. The FZJ80 is a more modern vehicle. If I was buying for my wife I'd get the FZJ80, especially if you are selling her Subaru to get it. Let her drive both and see what she thinks. Odds are she'll like the FZJ80 better.

And it doesn't matter how hard you flog it, an FJ62 could never keep up with an FZJ80.
If you want a 60, get a 60 (or 62).

The maintenance requirements will be almost the same between the 60 and an 80. Either way you'll be doing the front axle, and the only reason a 60 might leak oil is because the seals in the engine are giving out, and the 80s just aren't old enough yet that they are all leaking too.

Don't worry about being that guy. My truck can cook the motor going up big hills (like I-70) if I don't slow down. So, I slow down a lot. It doesn't bother me in the least, and frankly you'll find a larger number of other vehicles going the same speed that you never realized were there before (me, semis, 4 cylinder CRVs and whatnot...). Besides, I-70 has lanes so they can pass you.

An FJZ-80 will not be a speed demon either, to say the least. And an FJ-80 will be slower than an FJ-62.

Like I said: if you want a 62, get a 62.

EDIT--it's good advice above to let your fiancee drive both and decide what she wants. VERY good advice.

I've owned an FZJ80 and currently own a 62. The FZJ80 was awesome and I believe to be the better short term value. You get more for your money. But as supply/demand goes, the 60 series are the better investments (for now). I believe 60's are next in line to go the way of the 40's/50's and potentially appreciate or at least not depreciate as fast.

So the question is, do you want a potential investment or an exceptional value? Either way you really can't go wrong if you get a good one for a good price and take care of it.
As far as taking on positive graded roads, in my experience my 62 and FZJ80 are equally powered (as confirmed by the ol' butt-dyno) and reliably cruise just fine. The power to weight ratio and gearing seem similar at cruising speeds. I wouldn't hesitate to take either one up an inclined highway.

So, to go out on a limb, YES you do want a Land Cruiser :D
I've used my dad's FZJ80 for camping and skiing, and it does just fine up the hills. Not a speed demon, but it never feels like a complete dog going over to Utah. I don't need to fly past everyone, but it is nice to go over 30 mph.

I guess another concern is what Rigger said about "when the engine or tranny goes." I can't imagine finding a 62 that I would completely trust the transmission on (for less than a FZJ80), so that would always be a concern until it got replaced. Crap, now I really want an FZJ80....

In case anyone is interested, there's an FJ62 on Denver Craigslist for $2500, and the guy is moving so he wants it gone by Friday. That's what inspired me to finally sign up and ask your opinions. I'm very tempted, but I'm leaning towards saving a few more bucks for a decent FZJ.
Someone described a 60 as as a tractor with nicer sheet metal. The 62's are going to handle like a 60. If you're asking the question then get an 80.

Read the posts in both forums. The 60's guys are suffering with emissions crap and carb issues. The 62 guys are dying when their slushbox craps out. The 80 guys are whining because their seat heaters are broken. I see 80's selling on CL in SoCal cheaper than 60/62's, but I'm not really scrutinizing the 80's for sale because that's not what I'm interested in.
Dang, this is all good stuff, good opinions, good advice.

My truck is all original and has around 148k on it. The engine could shell out tomorrow, but it is more likely going to go another 100k before it dies. The tranny? Same thing. There are A440F's out there with 300k on 'em. I'm probably safe for a while yet. But if either of these components fails, I'm toast. I don't have the know-how to do an engine swap, and to have it done costs at least $10k. Faced with that situation, my FJ62 will probably get parted out. But, maybe I'll inherit some money from a long-lost rich uncle!

If I were going with a whole 'nuther Cruiser, I'd go to a hundred series. I'd skip the 80 and go a 100.

[Rigger looks left and right and lowers voice to a whisper] Guys, don't let this get around, but look, I'm a moderator on this forum. Part of my responses here are rooted in security of my position here on the boards! If the 60-series waggies die out, I'll be out of a job! So come on now and put in a plug for the big-butt waggies!
I had the same choice a few months back. I could of had an 80 or 62, as they cost the same around here.

I like the 62 and feel it's a better rig than the 80(IMO). So I bought a 62.

In my 3 months of looking, I drove 4 60, 2 62, 1 80 and 2 z80's. They all ranged for $2k~$6k.
key word is your wifes subi i would think she would like the 80 better than the 62 just for creature comforts more than anything. my wife loves my 60 as long as I am driving it she much perfers her honda accord which would have been a 80 or a 100 series if it wasnt for fuel milage, the going slow is just something that goes with it, i like the quote above about being 50 I am 56 and find that more true every day along with really not caring if i am "that guy " or not ..
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To bad you couldn't find a 62 with a v8 and chevy auto done right. I bet you could find a nice one done for under 10k. It looks way cooler than a 80. Gets better mileage and will smoke a fzj 80 up any hill. Even the stock TBI 350 in mine will hold 75+ with stock gears and 35s up the grades in Arizona on the way into the mountains.
I have the same issues, FJ62 cause it just plain looks cooler, or ..Z80 cause it would be nicer/easier/slightly more modern safety items to drive around in.

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