Do I really need this thing?

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May 11, 2006
Hampton Bays, NY
I was swapping the valve cover on my 60 and when I went to put the airbox back on I noticed this thing hanging by a thread or what looked to be asbestos fabric on the exhaust manifold. I assume it attaches to the flex pipe going to the HIC controled door in the aircleaner.....can I live without it....or should I replace it? Looks like a pain to put back.
heat pipe.JPG
Looks like your heat riser but I'll have to allow someone with more knowledge than me answer whether or not you need it.
That piece diverts warm air around th exhaust manifold up through the pre-heater hose into the air cleaner. Is it necessary? Not really, but it helps warm things up quicker.
Thanks......I doub't I will have the patience to replace it right now!....summer is coming ya know.
Not sure how it is where you are, but over here in the Peoples Republic of California, I failed smog because the hose that goes between that thing and the intake was missing.

Well that and I was a "gross polluter" :D But I inittialy failed the visiaul due to that stupid little elbow thingy. Sweet :rolleyes:
dmede808 same here it took me a couple hours surfing on 4x4 forums and alot of waiting to get my sami to pass smog, stupid little insignificant pieces
Thanks all.....drove around with it over the last few days like that...ran fine....HIC riser door opened and closed as it should. Thanks for the help!

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