Do i need this?

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Sep 7, 2006
Denver, CO
I took off the weatherstrip that the hood sits on, right below the windsheild on the cowl. It was completely destroyed and all the tabs broke when i pulled it off.

How important is it it replace? I guess my engine bay will get wet without it.

anyone have one that is in good shape?
Mine is in good shape, and you can't have it :p

I think that it is one of those things that you can live without, but I like to have it there because Toyota put it there for a reason.
Keeps the back of the hood from vibrating believe it or not. I used some I got from Lowe's and it worked perfect and it was a whole lot cheaper than Toyota. :D
SOR has none in stock. I will have to try or C-Dan.
Keeps the hood from rattling, and keeps leaves/pine needles out of the engine bay as well.
You can also just get some self adhesive foam/rubber profile tape from McmasterCarr, they will sell by the foot with plenty of size options.
I just got one from SOR just a few weeks ago (March 2008) and it keeps the water from finding its way into the passenger compartment.

If the any rubber grommets going through the firewall are broken, water will leak onto your carpet. I say replace it.

I almost tore apart my car looking for the water leak after every rain. The rear hood seal, who would have thought!

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