Do I need a new brake master, or proportioning valve?

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Jun 4, 2009
New Smyrna Beach FL
1980 fj40
Never seen this, but as I pump the brakes the reservoir for the rear is going empty and the one for the front is overflowing. Seems it is pumping the fluid from the rear and out the front reservoir. My bet is the master, but just in case someone has seen this with a bad proportioning valve or something.
Anyone seen this, any possible quick fix to get it kind of working? I just need brakes to be able to move it around the property in NC and I am planning on putting it on a trailer for this trip this evening and no one has a master available today.
if it is just going to be for "mov[ing] it around the property" why don't you just put it in 4L and use your e-brake?:meh:

I bet you need to rebuild the master but maybe you just have to take the fittings out and clean the outlets on it.
unlikely to be the cylinder itself. It could be rusted inside and need honing out or replacing but more likely its just a rubber o ring. Take it apart and have a look. Repair kits are available for a few dollars. Coolerman has a good writeup on disassembly/refurb etc with detailed pics:

Don´t forget to post a pic if you do take it apart.
I think I will try and clean it out and see what happens, and will order a new master. Hope to have it minimally working today before putting on the trailer. Low gears is my backup plan. No emergency brake yet.

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