Do I need a new alternator? (1 Viewer)

Dec 29, 2006
Six Mile SC
This morning driving to work I noticed that the headlights seemed a little dim, and the wipers were moving a little slow. I have a 1978 fj40 2f, with the stock looking TEQ alternator. The amp meter was about half way on the negative side, so I turned off all of the non-essential stuff and just kept an eye on things. no real change (I have about a 40 minute comute) when I got to work I turned it off and then tried to start, it started with no problems. With the car turned off I turned on the head lights low and high and the amp meter went back to the negative side(same as when it is running) with the headlights turned off the amp meter is in the center. Usualy just after it starts the amp meter goes over to the positive side for a few minutes and returns to center.


Rust Patrol
Mar 9, 2007
HUH ? Oh..... CT
Sounds like the alternator. Belts tight ?? I had a problem with my voltage regulator last year. I think the points stuck. A rough road jiggled things loose. Try tapping the VR, see what happens.

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