Do I have to replace my crank pulley seal?

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Oct 8, 2005
Blandon Pa
I have 150 miles on my rebuild in which I had replaced my crank pulley seal. I now have to replace my timing cover gasket again, do you think my pulley seal would be fine or do have to replace that again. The leak isn't coming from the seal, it's coming from the cork gasket in which I tore. Thanks.
If the seal is that new, leave it alone.
No, not unless it shows signs of unusual wear or you damage it when removing the crank pulley. If shows signs of wear, then you have a whole 'nother issue to address. That seal should last a good long time.

Top tip: get an inch-lbs torque wrench and only torque the timing cover bolts to the FSM specified values. Also reinstall them back in the right places according to the FSM. If you crush the gasket by over torquing, it will leak with a quickness. I know from experience, dude. (in my best Chris Farley).
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Thanks for the help guys!
Take a good look at the crank pulley shaft. If it has a groove in it from the seal get proactive and get a speedi-sleeve.

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