Do all 80s have the RS3000 alarm?

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Jan 11, 2008
Do all late 80s come with the RS3000 system? I just bought a '97 and was missing the alarmfob so I just bought one and tried to program it to the alarm. Looked under the seat, nothing. I started to notice that I don't have the red light like everybody else seems to have. Mine is just a single light that can be pressed in and depressed and is missing the glass breakage mic. I can't find any toggle switch anywhere either. I found a box that was zip tied by the cruise control box under the dash. This box looks nothing like the RS3000 box pictured and has no button to program. What do I have?
1. no.
2. no idea. You would have to pull some model #s off of the box and run them.

I've seen 80s with Audiovox and Viper alarms too.
hzavarce, thats not the alarm I have. after some more research, I found out I have a '98 Camry alarm system installed.:meh: So if anyone wants a fob for an rs3000 alarm, pm me
98 Camry Alarm system?

The 98 Camry used the Factory remote type - (FCC: GQ43VT7T) or the DEALER/PORT installed type (FCC: BAB237131-022, gray case)

According to everything I have on the 98 Camry factory remote it was only used on the 97-99 Camry or the 98 Sienna.
The po put a lot of crappy after market stuff that really frustrates me when I run into it so it wouldn't suprise me if he thought it would be "cool" to put in a camry alarm
Wow, I just happened to look at this thread and went to look under my dash. I found an alarm and a sensitivity control box! I never even knew I had an alarm/keyless entry. The previous owner must have removed the little red button and I sure didn't receive a remote when I purchased the truck. It was originally a Georgia vehicle. I guess the southeast theme holds true. So it looks like I can get the remote from the dealer. Can you purchase the control button as well? Hzavarce, I appreciate any extra info you can provide.

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