Do 255/85/16 BFG fit on 80 series!

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Aug 14, 2013
I know there is a lot of threads with similar quastions! But I just can't find a straight answer! I have a stock suspension 80 and I am wondering if the 255/85/16 fit in my 80 without any rubbing or problems! Pics would also be nice!

I think they would I have the 255/85/16 coopers sts on mine with original suspension two batteries and arb and no rubbing. They will sit in from the wheel wells but either removing the flares or set of spacer will fix that it's totally cosmetic.
So you think it would look weird without spacers and they wouldn't rub at all if I didn't either? I don't really know a lot about spacers but I thought they weren't good for your car.. But thanks for the input!
It will look a lot like this. Only lower, because of your saggy OEM coils. You'll likely have no problems with rubbing, as it's really only even possible at full stuff on saggy coils -- and maybe not then. I highly recommend an upgrade to OME stock height coils as in my sig line.


Yes because 315s will fit, but only with MINOR rubbing when fully articulated. Or minor rubbing when you hit the mall speedbumps at speed.

Go for it.

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