Dizzy maintenance?

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Nov 9, 2005
Davidson, NC
I was checking out my dizzy cap, rotor and wires the other day.
The inside of my dizzy is rusty and dirty and nasty.

the little plastic "dust cover" is covered in grime.
I've replaced the rotor, cap, and wires -

Is there anything else I should do as far as preventive care - I don't want to be left standed anywhere.
But this is my daily driver and I don't have the time/other vehicle to have it rebuilt.


I would check the two diaphragms on the side of it with the cover off and make sure they are air tight and the linkage moves when you apply a vacuum to them. Did the new cap come with a o-ring?
If you have rust building up inside your cap , it's gonna leave you stranded eventually.
Sounds like you have a desmog correct?

In humidity and wet areas that under dash filter and constant draw of clean air to the stock filter housing keeps things dry under the cap.

My dizzy eventually failed on me. I had rubber caps on the cap nipples where the oem hoses were. They eventually dryrotted and let in moisture. result was me calling a buddy for a tow.

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The 'plate' the pickup is mounted on swivels (rotates) . . .can be removed, cleaned, lubed, replaced....
Mine was no where as rusty as the pic, but stuck enough to prohibit timing changes (the flat rod comming in from right, 'vac advance' type stuff).

The rubber cap on top end of shaft comes off, screw 'down in side shaft' hold top & bottom of shafts together.

The flyweights underneigth can also be removed, cleaned, lubed...
. . . note, there's springs . . .sproing....where'd it go ? :)

Did mine...made a lot of difference....

A fun thing to do when you're not wheeling...

p.s. the 'thing' on the side with two 'advancer' diaphragms....ain't cheap ! another C-Dan to the rescue !
Might want to check that your cap vent hoses are connected and functioning properly. The cap should have two ports with vacuum lines going to the intake manifold on one side and to the cabin on the other. I've killed two distributors by not having them connected properly.
2X on having breathing lines hooked up....
I've been in many very wet places, and live in hi humidity Florida....
My 23+ yr old dizzy was in much better condition than the one pictured above...
. . .I still did 'clean & lube' mentioned in my e-mail above, when I r&r the 'vac advance' gizmo....
Thanks for the responses -
I don't have a desmog - fully stock under the hood.
I think a lot of the damage was done by the PO - after I had it for a while (I'm now into year 6) - I noticed one of the cap vent hose nipples was broken off and so there was no hose connected -
It looks at least as bad as the above picture -

If I tried to tackle a job like this - any parts I need to get in advance?
Is it conceivable to tackle it in a few hours?

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