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Feb 18, 2016
Denver, Colorado
Been camping and road tripping a lot this summer and one lesson learned is the need to have easily accessible storage areas. Ran across a few threads on DYI roof attics (old rood attic thread) and decided to build my own.

*I need to go back and do a final adjustment to get it perfectly level ;)

Started with a storage shelf off Amazon:
Amazon product
There are plenty of brands of these shelves, all pretty similar. I found 48" wide is prefect to fit between the brackets of the Speski Offroad Barrier (now Whit's End). Debated 12", 18" or 24" depth. 12" is too shallow and ended up hard to reach. 24" was nice and deep but limited items due to being too close to the slope of the rear hatch. 18" was perfect.

Another thing I liked about this brand of shelf is that if you turned them upside down it created a lip to hold items.

Fab'd up some brackets and coated them with some bedliner and mainly used steel wire rope clips to hold everything together.

Driver's side I was able to use the mounting holes from the Speski barrier/grab handles

Passenger side, I had to drill some new mounting points on the Speski supports


Four mounting points is pretty stout, but also added another connection to the barrier at the front to keep it from sagging in the middle.

Love it so far. Amazing sometimes the simplest mods are the most useful.

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