DIY fender lining (Part 1)

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Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
Well, the package came in the mail today that i have been waiting for. Cost was $90 and recieved the product within 5 days of ordering. Here's what i got: One gallon of black durabak, two foam rollers, container opener, MSDS sheet and directions.

Here's a couple of shots of the rig before the treatment.
Durabak 002 (Small).jpg
Durabak 003 (Small).jpg
Durabak 004 (Small).jpg
First thing i did was wash the truck completely. Then i taped off the lines i wanted making sure the tape was sticking to the fender well, then applied a second layer of tape. Next i took my 4.5 inch grinder and using the wheel pictured below, removed the paint especially around the holes and disturbed the paint everywhere else (this was extremly gut wrenching with the thought of no-turning-back!!). Then using xylene cleaner, cleaned the areas thoroughly.
Durabak 005 (Small).jpg
Durabak 006 (Small).jpg
Durabak 007 (Small).jpg
Another pic of the fender paint cancer :frown: :eek: .

Next using some aluminum tape i have, i cut some small squares and covered the holes with at least two layers of tape.
Durabak 010 (Small).jpg
Durabak 010 (Small).jpg
Last of the day. Then i stirred the product up, poured it into a roller paint pan, and rolled it on. First coat doesn't seem very thick, so i let it sit for an hour to dry, then rolled on a second coat. Here's a couple pics showing how the edges turned out. I will do the rocker panels and other side tomorrow.
Durabak 013 (Small).jpg
Durabak 015 (Small).jpg
Durabak 017 (Small).jpg
looks great! wish I could get durabak down here.... or bring it down. but paint and planes don't mix :(
Concrete you got it bad man.
That had to be some serious no turning back double thinking going on.
Looks good.
Cruiserhead05 said:
Looks good alex,

Do you plan to do fenders only or rocker, quarter, and rest of the front fender as well?

That's all for the fenders, but i do plan on doing the rocker panel. After that i'll take a step back and decide if i feel like going a little higher up onto the doors.
I like it!! I have thought about doing this also but would like to keep the flares on. Why does everyone seem to want to take the flares off? Is it possible to do it to the flares?
LCconvert said:
Why does everyone seem to want to take the flares off?

Took most of the clips on the flare with it. Flares come un-painted for around $100.
wheelin 030 (Small).jpg
Biff, got it from their site.
LCconvert said:
I like it!! I have thought about doing this also but would like to keep the flares on. Why does everyone seem to want to take the flares off? Is it possible to do it to the flares?

I had no choice, a big fat rock made up my mind. :crybaby:
Love to see some aftershots when everythign is done. I'm planning on doing my hood in herculiner in the next couple of days. Did some research on the sites and e-mailed duraback and herculiner about the insulation, they said that shouldn't be a problem. My only thing is would it look better to spray it or would it be the same to roll it on? I know TJDIV said it would look like s*** if I rolled it but I don't know. Any ways looks good keep us posted.


Nice writeup. I like your setup. Looks bad ass and functional, but still has the around town curb appeal.

Ditto R2 Concrete. It looks really nice man. Can't wait to see the rig in the light day after all of this is completed.

Good stuff.
looks great, i want to take the flares off and do that its good to see how its all done looking forward to more pics
Is there any concern of water getting behind the metal tape through the hole and causeing the tape to pull away from the body? And eventually causing rust?
Me thinks me might be doing this soon, only with the smooth Duraback and not the textured kind.

Can you see where the aluminum tape is at all in the finished product?

Not sure you actually needed to sand that much paint off, though. I bet scuffing it up with a scuff pad (3M makes them for things just like this, similar to ScotchPads) would have been plenty sufficient for the Duraback to stick. Is there something I'm missing here?
Look good I have been thinking of ordering some for my projects.

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