Ditching the mud tyres

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Mar 26, 2023
I just bought a 1985 FJ70 that I've been eyeballing for a while. Looking to do some general tidying up, and considering also doing tyres/wheels.

This might be blasphemy on a forum called ih8mud... but I'm thinking about ditching the 33x12.5 mud tyres in favour of some street or all terrains. They're very loud, and no doubt hammer fuel economy and grip in normal sealed surface driving. I'm not planning to do any crazy offroading. Truck has a two inch lift and 15 inch rims. Open to changing wheels too if needed, but any tyre recommendations that will suit the truck well and not totally break the bank?
I am not sure about availability down there, but I've had good luck with Cooper AT3's. I've had two sets in 275/70r17 and they have held up well on my Tacoma. I've used them for general driving, commuting, non hardcore off-roading, snow and rain. They are quiet, last a long time, and not horribly expensive. They were a switch from BFG ATs that I had normally run. On my Land Cruiser I am using Yokohama Geolandar's and they have been quiet and well mannered on the street for mud tires. They seem to be more of an aggressive AT than a mud.

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