distributor vs CA smog laws

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Jul 17, 2009
ontario, california
i was thinking of replacing my distributor with a new one and of course that means upgrade. I look into in the DUI ones but they all have warning about not being smog legal for CA market.

I seen this one E-bay:
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER FJ40 2F F GM HEI Distributor FJ60 : eBay Motors (item 370209559958 end time Apr-26-10 19:17:42 PDT)

My questions are:
1. Totally newbie question, how would a performance distributor effect a smog test? Why is the DUI distributor illegal here? I am still working passing smog, almost there.
If the distributor fairy came middle of the night and replace the old one with either DUI or distributor on ebay, how much trouble can i get?
2. Is the ebay distributor a smog legal one?
3. Would i see the difference between an OEM vs the performance one? and how much? and how?

thanks guys in advance for the info.
The FJ60 stock distributor is perfect. Nice bearings support the shaft, easy adjustment, robust ignition. Why would you want a DUI? I just see no reason to go this route.

There are no performance gains to be had.
Hey Drew
thanks for the info...In a way that is my main indirect question, is it really needed? or should i spent my money elsewhere?

I look at everyone build up list but no one really "upgrades" their distributors?
Actually, Cruiserdrew is right but in the wrong way :) The stock distributor is mechanically superior (vastly) to the DUI, but the DUIs run stronger because of a better advance curve. The best of both worlds is to have somebody knowledgeable recurve your stock distributor. I did this years ago when I still had a 2F and it was really amazing how much better the engine ran after that. This is especially true if you currently have a bad vacuum advance diaphram (very common with age) or a poor performing mechanical advance do to a rusty or crud covered mechanism in you stock distributor. I would scour wrecking yards for a decent stocker and send it to the right guy so you aren't down while it gets done.
Look or post in the Classifieds section of the forum. I did last week, had multiple responses and PM's from all over the country, ended up buying a nice one local to me for $100 that even included the dished side cover to fit my 40.

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