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Mar 19, 2006
Anyone know if a 60 series "big" distributor is any better than a stock 1979 FJ40 electronic distributor? I know that the 60 dizzy is highly rated and I can get my hands on one, but is it worth it?
You just have a small cap version of the later big cap.

If there is not anything wrong with your current distributor, there is no reason to change out the distributor and the engine side cover to make the big body fit...

Yours has bushings, and the big 60 turns on bearings. Yours has the funky old-style hold-down clamp (that is more difficult to get at IMO), and the big 60 has a slot in the base and a through-bolt that is both the hold down and the timing adjuster. But as far as timing and advance, they are identical.

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