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Nov 6, 2005
Riverside, CA
Hi I am trying to reinstall my distributor after rebuilding the head, and I've turned the engine many times with the dizzy out. I've searched for a while and haven't found anything about installing it after the engine's turned, but I just had one main question. With the engine at TDC I threw the thing in so it lined up with the notch in the oil pump and was close to the #1 wire and called it good. I assumed it could only go in 2 ways to line up with the oil pump. Is this true or does the oil pump spin freely with respect to the camshaft? If the dizzy doesn't line up with the oil pump notch at first would it turn itself to line up? Thanks!

Zachary Rothe


Stop calling it an FJ
Aug 31, 2004
The oil pump does spin freely with respect to the camshaft...the cam turns the distributor shaft, that shaft turns the oil pump.
I have always installed the dizzy on the correct cam gear tooth, then while pushing down on the top of the dizzy (cap on but no wires) turn the engine over with the other hand (a wrench across the solonoid terminals) you'll feel the dizzy slide in that last little bit and go thunk as it bottoms out...

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