Distributor info/ HEI where to buy? (1 Viewer)

Feb 25, 2011
West Valley, AZ

I wanted to get a new distributor.

Does anyone have the one off of ebay? It is priced at $285 plus $15 in shipping. It states its all new and machined on a cnc machine. Just needs a Gm hold down clamp to work.

Anyone know if a sponsor has these or if I should just go with a DUI that is $100 more in price? Also if I go DUI what gear should be used with the FJ40 F motor? They have steel, composite, bronze, stock, melonzied? Also is there a write up to install this distributor on the stock motor?

I am sure I am going to need more power, relay or something to get this to work correctly on the FJ. Right now it just has two very small wires for power and ground.

Thanks for any advice!:)

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