Distributor help!

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Jun 4, 2009
Pasadena, CA
I have just opened my distributor set to change points and condenser. Now, I can find the points assembly, but not the condenser! It's not mounted to the side or is internal or anything. There is a wire going from the interior to the distributor itself. Any help guys? The distributor is attached to a 1975 engine, the PO is notorious for having messed with wiring, and I'm still working through his lack luster work.


look around the coil. didnt make any sense but i seem to recall having seen one mounted like that once.
I very much wish for some help and have taken pictures of what I am dealing with below. I have taken a picture of the distributor, with points removed, and the ignition coil and what not.

I have circled one thing that I am concerned what it is doing in there!


Oh, and should I be able to slightly move the shaft within the middle? And when I mean slightly turn, it's at around 5 degrees clockwise.
Condenser mounts from the red wire to the dizzy body or a ground. That wire on the dizzy you have circled will be just fine. Gives the points a better ground than through the breaker plate bearings.
What year? That looks like a coil/ignitor from maybe a '78?
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It's a 1975, well, that's what it was advertised as. The PO has done some at home wiring....and it's not the best.

Trollhole, how does it mount on? I just mount the base or the wire from the condenser to where that nut is?
condensor base to the bolt holding your vac retard on with the wire going to the nut where the red wire is. You could also do it where the red wire attaches to the igniter/coil pack as long as the body of the condensor is grounded.
The pictured ignition is semi-electronic. The points only serve to provide a timing signal to the ignitor box. No condensor is used in that instance.

The ground wire circled in red is just about right. To be perfect, it should be mounted on top of the retainer plate

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