Distributor Curve 1980 vs 1978

Aug 30, 2015
Ive a 1980 build Ive been working on for 6 years now.
Rebuilt the engine: it is desmogged with a manfree header
added the holly sniper. I have the original distributor that had the dual
advance. It was bad so was replaced with a single advance. I cant seem to get the
timing dialed in quite as well as I hoped. Would anyone have thoughts
as to whether or not a dizzy from a 1978 would be a better fit curve -wise?
Before I bother Jim C which I realize may be a response I might receive, thought Id reach out to
everyone else. I abandoned my build here on mud. Apologies. Could not keep up with that
much documentation on a daily basis. And so begins the '79' rebuild - https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/and-so-begins-the-79-rebuild.886610/
  • Production Date: 09/1977-01/1979
  • Fitting Vehicle Options: 2F.. FJ40, 55.. USA
Thanks in advance!


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