For Sale Disk Brakes for semi-floater rear axles

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Any idea on shipping to 02861? Are these the chevy rotors? Which brackets did you use?
Yes they are chevy rotors and calipers.....i bought my brackets from jt outfitters but there has got to be cheaper ones somewhere, maybe ruffstuff?
I think JTO is the cheaper and probably where I would get them from. All 5 numbers are there from the zip code. I don't know what else to give you 02861.
are you talking about on a FJ60 or 62? These calipers don't have any provision for an ebrake so if you have a 60/62 with rear drum brake e-brakes then you would probably have to go with a line-lock.
WHere are you located? I am interested & in Ringgold, GA.

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