Disconnecting Battery??

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Nov 18, 2003

I'm going to disconnect my battery so that I can remove the airbag from the steering wheel (to see if I can get my horn unstuck). Whenever I remove the battery, my 2004 LC "forgets" how to idle for a couple of days.

I assume there's nothing I can do about this (if I keep any power connected, the airbag may blow up in my face). However, is there any way to get my truck to learn how to idle more quickly? There are lots of stoplights near me and I end up stalling every time I stop for a day or two.

With other vehicles I had, once you reconnect the battery, you have to let it iddle for at least 10 minutes before driving so the ECU re-learn the parameters.
You are correct, you will lose memory. If you add a memory saver to system your airbag will also REMEMBER. :bang:

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