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Feb 4, 2006
I'm in the early stages of a disc brake conversion for a 1974 FJ40. I have everything for the front and I've purchased a set of brackets for the rear from Poser (Very nice I maight add), and I'm ready to buy my rotors, calipers, lines for the rear and a new master cylinder. I have read several versions of what years and from what vehicles to get these parts for to fit. I've also read about thickness of rotors ect.. I would like also some recommendations on a master cylinder to use for this.

Brands and part numbers would be appreciated. :confused:
Have you read through THIS ?
What year is your truck?

What master cylinder and booster are you currently running....you probably will be able to remove the residual pressure valve in the booster, behind the fitting that the rear brake line attaches to on the master, and use the master you currently have....provided it is not junk.

Good luck!

Disc Brake Conversion

Great Links!! Thanks, I really appreciate it.
on my 73 FJ40 I used a stock toyota master, if you go new, get an OEM unit from toyota, I got a crappy rebuild one that constanlty had problems. I used extra large T100 calipers up front, worked great but had to trim the backing plate and get custom wheels from summit as no standard brands would fit, they would all hit the calipers.

1993 FJ80 non ABS. This master cylinder bigger and will push more fluid, just bolt in on and go!
i bought the rear kit from tsm it had the rotors and all the bolts part no s and instructions calipers came from napa with metric adapters had about 300 in the whole thing and no problems everyone is selling the brackets even had some made myself but the kit saved me a lot of screwing around hope this helps ps dont want anyone mad at me

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