Disc brake conversion kit

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May 6, 2013
Anyone have any suggestions for a good disc break conversion kit for a 74 fj40 I'd like disc brakes to be on all four tires.
Try doing a search or reading the FAQs. There are probably more threads on disc conversions that any other topic on MUD.
Tsm mfg, has a great kit for both front and rear, I have both and the wilwood caliper fits w/ a welded stock steel wheel also.
Steve (Poser) sells a good kit for the rear and he got it to me quickly. There is a lot about the conversion in the FAQ
I used stock on fronts, and custom made mounts for Chevy full seized on rear. Both very worthwhile!

To do it now, 60 knuckles, discs, calipers in front, and poser parts in back. Things have changed in the 15 years since I did mine.

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