Disappointing experience with Cruiser Parts

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Jan 10, 2020
Spokane, Wa USA
We broke the intermediate steering shaft yoke near the firewall on my son's FJ 60. I contacted Cruiser Parts (Matt) on 12/30/21 initially regarding the entire shaft and (both) yokes assembly. I was told they had it and given a price. My son decided to see if a welding shop could repair our yoke. I let CP know we'd get back to them if needed. The welder did a horrible job. My son contacted Cruiser Parts again and stated that all we needed was the yoke on the firewall end of the intermediate steering shaft. He was told that they had one and his contact agreed to photo it and send a picture prior to shipping. Great. A day later, my son contacted them again for status as he'd not heard back. The contact told him it had been shipped before he had a chance to photo it to make sure it was the right part. A week later (we are in Washington State), the box arrives and instead of the yoke we needed, they sent the shaft WITHOUT the yoke. Calls brought excuses and promises but after waiting for a call, we have given up. We sent the shaft back for credit but I'm betting my son will "get the shaft".
In summary, Cruiser Parts in NH is a disreputable company that isn't trustworthy. Avoid them unless you can drive to their yard. Apparently, at least in Matt's case, if you aren't standing in front of him, they'll send you whatever they have in their hand at the moment. We wasted an entire month with this.
that's too bad,
you'd have been back on the road in a few days if you posted in the classifieds here on mud.
I guess I'm one of the fortunate ones. I've ordered a few things from them and they've always showed up without issue. The stuff I've ordered though was always posted directly on their website and purchased through their shopping cart. I've never had to call to order a used or very specific part. That could be the difference.
Adding my experience here in case anyone encounters the same situation: I purchased some ARB/OME shocks via their site as I knew what I needed and they had the most competitive price.

-Five Days after order confirmation past, no reply from them.
-Sent an email, still no reply
-Called, someone picked up after a few rings, I asked for an order update, was put on hold
-Was told shipment will be drop shipped directly from ARB and to expect a delivery by the end of the week
-received shipment confirmation two days later, received the shocks on that weekend

Not sure if my calling for an update had anything to do with order fulfillment, but I got what I needed. Their communication, as proven by other member experiences, is just horrible whether you receive what you ordered or not.

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