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Jul 11, 2012
The People's Republik of Maryland
For those of us who need a kid hauler but still want to drive manual - Subaru Forester and the VW Alltrack were the last two holdouts. Of the two I may wind up in a used Forester but I don’t really trust either of them from a long term maintenance perspective. Choices are limited these days...

Back to 40-related programming - even 9 years ago when I bought mine, 76-78 year models were unicorns. I really just wanted ambulance doors so I wound up with a badly V8 converted 75 because everything else I’d looked at were 72/73ish rust buckets.

As stated above, without this forum and the folks I’ve met through it the truck would still be dead in my garage a decade later.

I like to think they’re disappearing because they’re all finding good homes where they can live out their golden years as camping rigs or grocery getters. I have to imagine with the majority of the rust buckets parted out years ago - the FJ40 population is actually INCREASING at this point due to South American imports.

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