Dipping Thread

Feb 10, 2005
in the nappy dugout
uh, you forgot to add this one to the poll.... "i dont and never have dipped due to the scare of getting cancer and chasing off women who would potentially want to make out and not get chew in their mouths"
May 8, 2004
Alpine, Texas
used to be skoal. quit a year ago. glad i did. nasty habit. it was worse for me than smoking. i started dipping after i quit smoking and realized i was much more addicted to the dipping because i could dip everywhere. dipped at work, at home, in the car, even on airplanes.....
Nov 30, 2004
Dipped Cope for 20 years, even dipped during church. Quit two years ago. Sure glad I quit.


problems solved daily...
Oct 27, 2003
uhhhh...duh...Northern CA
Meet Rick Bender

He's the brother of a local network TV weather guy. He's done talks around town with kids in Middle Schools, Jr. Highs, and High Schools.

Just thought I'd preach at y'all a bit. :flipoff2:

For the record...I tried Skoal and Cope a few times...never got into it.
Jan 26, 2005
in the garage
Noah said:
So based upon what you just said....if i happen to "fill this girls hole with balls" I would be just as big as sinner as you???

I would never act upon it, but i find this interesting....
just thinking about her that way is a sin.
a sin is a sin. there is not one sin bigger or smaller than the other.
BUT! as a believer of my faith,you must turn from your sin.
there is a difference between a sinner and a repentant sinner.
but still, you cannot continue to sin over and over and over and ect.(i think you get it) and expect to be forgiven for that sin.
ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD. ROMANS 3:23

just my .02
Mar 22, 2004
Castle Rock, CO
This is awesome, a chew thread that degraded (or maybe upgraded) to talk about religion...sheesh, is not one topic safe from religion... :D

I think smoking and chew are both discusting, I don't think the person is discusting, but the act is discusting. However if my wife chewed I would have a serious problem with it, as it would show IMO, that she's not very bright (it can kill you remember, very unhealthy, etc), and maybe more inportantly I wouldn't be able to stand being near her, never could kiss her, etc...and the relationship would go downhill from there I'm sure. If she has the 'right' to do as she pleases and beat the hell out of her body, then I have the 'right' to say it's stupid and wrong. Just my $0.00 worth...

Me, no, I've never chewed...got no problem with those that do (as long as I'm not married to them), but please don't call it a smart or good habit...
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