Dimple Dies...Anyone Have them?

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Checkers R Wreckers
May 11, 2005
For making speed holes in sheet metal. Needin a set really bad...:frown:
FJ40Jim said:
Sorry, none here. Try some real race car fab shops. Or aviation repair.

No one wants to come off them or "loan" them. BUT! I found the best price yet on a set from LightForce Racing at 345.00 for a set of 5 different sizes.

Have to have them..

This is a Decklid I'm modeling mine from.


rear deck lid 1.jpg
FJ40Jim said:
I was thinking if the sheet was already cut to size and the holes locations were centerpunched, maybe somebody could punch/flange the holes for a reasonable price.

I put a call into Fortin Ironworks and the turn around time is what I'm concerned about and the amount of these holes to be used in my build.

Hole Saw the 2" then set the dies on each side and using a press, press the dies together making the dimple.

Pretty labor intesive and would probably be well off buying a set.:crybaby:
roof done.jpg
FJ40Jim said:
Ahh, I see.

For some reason, I was thinking there was a die set that was used to simultaneously punch the hole and flange the edge.

Well, now you'll know where a set is if ya' ever need some...gotta do this..

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