Dimensions for quarter vent window support for late 40s

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Dec 31, 2009
Does anyone have their side panels handy with the windows out and can measure the support rib for the quarter vent windows? The red arrow in this pic. is pointing to the rib that I am speaking about.

I am going to covert my 76 side panels to use the quarter vent windows and have the steel ready to do it, but I need some accurate dimensions of its width at the widest point at top and bottom by the radius and also the width in the middle parallel part. I also need the width of the center raised rib and the hole spacing on the back side for the window hinges. Distance from the rear window mounting edge to the edge of the support in the center would be great too.

Thanks for any help on this.

39 cm or 15 3/8".

Jerry D.
Hi Jerry D.

Thanks for the length, but that is not what I need. I need widths and distances from the end and such.

I appreciate the effort Jerry, really I do, but I really need dimensions of the actual upright support. I am fabricating my own support from raw steel and have nothing to go by to build it. I have a set of windows and hinges and latches, but no support rib. I have the correct thickness of sheet metal and now I just need the dimensions so I can cut out the flat rear piece and then make a rib and weld them together.



Sorry for not getting to this sooner. I was going to email these to you but I will post them here in case anybody needs them for future reference. Let me know if you need anything else...

The main support is about 1 7/8"


The center is about 1/2"... maybe just a hair over (9/16")


This measurement is about 8 9/16"... self explanatory


The bottom radius is about 2 1/2" at widest


Top is closer to 2 5/8"


Latch measurements... measured from the top of the bottom edge of vent window


To lower hinge, again from the top of the bottom edge of vent window


I couldn't get a picture for the upper hinge because my roll bar is in the way, but the lower bolt for the upper hinge is at 11 5/8" from the top of the bottom edge of the vent window.

Also, Shandelle says hi!!

You had also asked about the actuators... they are out of an early 2000's Windstar. No, they don't have limit switches in them. It will just be one of those things I'll have to look at while I open them (although, I imagine I'll be able to hear them as well). They worked just fine when I mocked them up!

I just made up some brackets that bolt to the factory latches, and threw them in with everything else I had powdercoated. Here are a few pics:



As far as the windows... Here are a couple random pictures. Just an FYI, the newer style side panel windows are actually shorter (height) than the earlier. Here they are overlapping. Don't confuse the window tint line with the edge of the window.


After reviewing the pictures, I think it will be very difficult to accurately place the vent window captive nuts window without having the hinges and latch in place (bolted to the window, then marking the metal accordingly).

I know you'll figure something out though!

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