Dim Interior 24v Bulbs

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Jan 23, 2008
East York, Canada
The interior dome light and the dash lights in my 1987 HJ60 are quite dim even with the rheostat turned up to the max position.
Are there some lights (part #) I can replace the stock bulbs with?
btw my charging system and batteries are fine just in case someone's going to suggest that.....
Another note, the bulbs are 24 volt bulbs. So finding replacement 24 volts bulbs won't be as simple as going to the local automotive parts store. :hmm:
I installed a set of George's LED with great success.

I asked George and they run on 24V with no issues.

TaskLED Home

I got ones for the front and the rear they are really nice!

For the Dash lights if you order the 24V bulb kit from 4wheelauto they included new dash bulbs that are 10watts instead of the stock 5 watts.
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