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Oct 21, 2005
Washington, MO
For some time I’ve had issues with the OEM rack being loose etc, and also I wanted to get my Oztent out of the interior. There are so many great off the shelf and custom roof racks avail , but I know I’ll never need something heavy enough to mount a RTT so I decided to go DIY, I also wanted the rack to be inboard as much as possible, if I ever did decide to put on an awning or something else on the side.

I used Gamivi 30/60 towers because I wanted the rack as low as possible. They really are robust and the large flat top tan was perfect for attaching the 1x2” extruded.

Materials used 6 Gamivi 30/60towers.
4- 1”c2” extruded pieces 51” long.
2- 81” long pieces of 2”x2”x 1:4” aluminum
Assorted stainless t bolts stainless button Bolts , drop in t slot bolts. All 1/4-20.

The oztent tent tray is just a piece of 1/8 aluminum 18” Wide 80 long
The extruded crossbars are secured to the gutter mounts with 4 T Bolts each side, the 2x2 x 1/4 side rails are connected to the extruded at the ends and bottoms. It’s very basic, but I think it will get the job done for what I’m carrying up top. To do the fairing. I tried 4 carboard templates before I bolted a piece of 1/4" plywood and glued popsicle sticks to find the correct shape.




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