Differential Mechanic

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May 11, 2016
Austin, TX
anybody know of a mechanic that works on differentials in austin area? Like regearing or adding e-lockers to axles etc. seems like only place is 4 wheel parts and they wont do it unless you buy their stuff...
Call Edwin at Land Cruiser Specialist.

I would ABSOLUTELY ship the thirds to Zuk if you need them to last.

Toyota diffs are tough to get right per factory (I've tried) and he's found that deviating from the factory settings in a couple places help reliability.

That said, when you ask about "adding e-lockers" do you mean toyota units? or harrop?
I second Edwin at Land Cruiser Specialist. He regeared mine and added the ARB lockers. Years later, they are still running strong without issue.
Err, yeah, I didn’t mean that as a dig on Edwin. I have heard he’s good. Zuk is just the first guy that comes to mind for me.

What I definitely wouldn’t do is trust it to the cookie cutter 4x4 shops.

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