Differential interchangability FJ45 LV

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Apr 15, 2009
Foresthill, Calif.

Mike Mudge here. I'm new to this page but from what I can see I'm in the right place.

I bought a '63 FJ45 today and the rear diff is toast. A good friend has a good FJ40 diff he'll sell me but I don't know if it's a direct replacement. Can someone here clue me in?

It's in great shape for it's age and runs nicely with it's original stock I-6. It looks 100% complete with only minor body work and no rust thru anywhere. I think for 600 dollars I hit a home run.

right front.jpg
While differentials up to 89 are potentially interchangeable, there are some issues. After about '68, the housing stud holes and the flange holes increased to 10mm from 8mm. You could change studs on the housing or shim the holes and you could drill out the holes on the drive shaft flange to match the pinion flange on later diffs or swap pinion flanges. Diffs after '74 to '78 have a different pinion flange pattern, so you would have to swap flanges. Diffs from '79-87 are 3.70:1 ratio, so those won't match the 4.11 ratio of early diffs. An pre '68 diff would be a direct drop in.
I have a pre 68 diff sitting around,

Where are you located?
Christ! Rear diff issues? Nothing you can do for those on a 63. better sell the FJ45LV for $700... I'll take it.

find an early diff. easier all the way around. like mentioned above, spline and stud size make it easier to find an early one.

where the hell did you find a 45lv that clean?

PS: looks like a late 66/67 FJ45LV to me.
I can see I'm in the right place!

I also collect and restore Fiats and the forum for that is loaded with great and funny folks.

1st, I'll check with my contact here to see what year his used diff is out of. Pinhead, I'm in Foresthill, Calif, just 12 miles SSE of Auburn. I don't know how close that puts us.

Brett, your extraordinary offer to relieve me of this White Elephant is truely underwelming. ;) Finding the FJ was a complete surprise. I have been looking for a small-ish travel traler to pull around with my '84 FJ60. The seller was advertising the trailer on Craigslist, the price was right and so was the size.

I went today to look at and buy the trailer which I did. As Dan walked me around back of the house to the trailer there sits the FJ45....dead. I asked Dan about it and he told me about the diff, he was getting too old (83) to work on it and couldn't find parts. I offered 500, his wife got huffy so I stepped up to 600 and she un-huffed. I'm arranging to go pick it up in a few days and trailer it back home.

So that's my saga. Just as an FYI....my FJ60 has the 350 conversion, with a Marks FWD adaptor that let me keep the Toyota 4 speed in place. I just installed a rebuilt 4 speed from Specter with the compound 1st gear. It's very nice and the V8 doesn't dump out on me like before. I'm Cal smog compliant with the V8 and computer from an '87 GMC 1500 Suburban. Pretty simple and nothing over the top.

I will be uploading a few pix to my Photobucket account shortly and will post a link here when I'm finished up.

Thanks for the warm greeting guys.

Welcome, and nice find. The bezel is even right side up, I just don't know what to say!
Looks like someone swapped the motor at some point, WOW, that is a nice LV!!!!

Need to move this to the 45 section. Plenty of knowledge, experience and build up threads to glean information and get this beast back on the road.

This is what $700.00 got me. Whitey, we need to talk :lol:
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