Different type of front bench seat

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Feb 1, 2009
Portland, OR
I picked up a set of long style rear jump seats for my 81 bj42. They are in great shape, got a good deal, and prefer them over the one single rear jumpseat. As part of the deal it also came with one side of a front bench seat. I wasn't really looking for a front bench as my buckets are in good shape. But I've always been a bench seat kind of guy over buckets so now that I have a drivers side I'd like to find a passenger side and replace my buckets with a bench. I put it in place and the brackets lined up with a second mounting hole in my body that the bench seat doesn't use but looks like it was put there from the factory for a bench option. But looking at some pics of other cruisers I don't see any cruiser out there with a similar bench seat to this one. It appears most don't have a headrest and they are mostly a drivers bucket with a long passenger side. This one goes about halfway to the passenger side and I assume the passenger side will go the rest of the way. Anybody have an idea what this came out out of and where I could find the passenger side partner?

front bench seat.jpg
I believe what you have is the passenger’s side. The driver’s side would just be a standard bucket seat.
It has to be the left hand side because where the tilt lever and headrest is. I didn't think of it coming from a RHD though. Plus I don't think it's long enough to pair with a regular bucket seat because there would be a big gap between a bucket seat and this one. The other match for this seat has to be a seat that is pretty much the exact same size.
Think you would be surprised that it does fit. The section past the opening for the seat belt is really only the size of a center console. This is a Middle East spec FJ45LP passenger seat installed by my 79 FJ40 driver's seat.
Looking at yours I guess that's pretty much how mine is. I just suprised by the big gap between the two seats......... Now I have to figure out if I want to put the bench I have on the passenger side and passenger has no headrest, put it on the drivers side potentially crowding the driver, or just sell it and put my bucket seats back in. Thanks for the pics and input.

bench seat2.jpg

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I’d not want to drive from a bench seat. However I would welcome an extra seat. I’d convert it to fit the R/H seat and then use it.

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