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Mar 21, 2015
Parker, CO
I am retrofitting my '90 HDJ 81 with brakes from a FZJ. I believe that the brakes currently on the HDJ are FJ80 front brakes, and the rear are discs but smaller than the discs on FZJ's.

I have the complete backing plate/parking brake assemblies from a FZJ for the rears, and my understanding is that I just need rotors, calipers and pads from an fzj for the front (and modify my backing plates).

I want to replace all of my soft lines while I'm in here, and I am getting hung up on which soft lines I need for my application.

I can count 6 soft lines under the truck. With the front and rear axle being fed by one brake line respectively. Each axle has a T and then a section of hardline, with another piece of soft line for the final run to the caliper.

So I am wondering if anyone knows if I need the brake lines for a FZJ, or a FJ, or something else?

EDIT: Truck does not have ABS


Aug 28, 2004
Tabasco, NY
6 correct:

90947-02A16 (x2): Front calipers
90947-02614: Rear RH Caliper
90947-02615: Rear LH Caliper
90430-10074: x8 high pressure gaskets at caliper.

Then, if you have a lifted truck, I’d go with 96940-34705 x2 for your two frame-to-axle soft lines— gives you 3-4” of extra length for articulation.

So total of 6 lines for non-ABS disc brake truck.

You can get all of these from @NLXTACY/ Wits End.

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