Difference Fronts Shocks 80 Series... TOYOTA???

Oct 5, 2007
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Any of you know if there is any difference between the various front shocks for 80 Series TOYOTA ... :hmm: :confused:

Toyota Original Parts - Nº Parts:

- 48511-69185 -----> FJ-80, HDJ-80-80 HZJ
- 48511-69195 -----> HDJ-80 W (Mechanical Winch)
- 48511-69385 -----> FJ-80, HDJ-80-80 HZJ
- 48511-69386 -----> FJ-80, HDJ-80-80 HZJ

I want to know if any of these shocks has a hardness higher than in others, for example:

Shocks with Part Nº: 48511-69195 (HDJ-80 - W (Mechanical Winch)) is harder than others??

I hope for your comments and suggestions :beer: :cheers:

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