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What seems to be the best setup for a daily driver(50% offroad)? Limited slip front and back or locker in the back? Which ones are the best bang for the buck? I run 33's and 2F, no power steering on a 78 FJ40.
for 50% offroad, I'd run full lockers no question. for 33's and the 2F, LockRites or EZ-Locks will work fine, but they do have some odd characteristics for daily driver use. Then put PS on your list of mods since a front locker appreciates that.

I ran a limited slip in front for a couple years and considered it a waste of money. It was a definite help on the lighter trails, but as soon as you really needed it, it was useless.

A rear locker is a huge difference tho, try it there first and see what you think...can always swap it to the front if you choose to later.
Not to argue with Woody but unless you are a
mountain man, a daily driver is rarely 50% off
road. The beauty of air or cable lockers is that
they have great manners on or off road. Anything
else is a compromise of sorts.
if you have the money go dual either air, electric or cable locker. This way, on road there is no changes from the orignal diff, and offroad you are fully locked
I didn't argue the 50% offroad point...lol....realistically, 5% offroad is typical I bet for a daily driver rig.

Money wise, Limited slips are a waste. ARB/electric rocks but is pricey. Full Detroit is nice, but again not as cheap. Lockrite/EZ-Lock is a good/cheap and you can install it yourself and not deal with gearsetups and stuff.
I guess it is not exactly a daily driver but I do want it to be driveable on the street comfortably. Are lockrites noisy when turning? Would a limited slip make any difference in the front at all?
what are your long term goals for your cruiser?
do you plan on keeping it streetable?
dont do any mods that wont be perminent!!!!!!!!!!
look into the future and ask yourself is this what i
really want ?
changing your mind later can get very costly!!!!
i started on my fj 4 years ago and to date have spent
over 40.000$ changing my mind about what i wanted!!!
if i knew then what i know now it could have been done for less than 15.000$.
my point is what ever you decide to do be sure you will only do it once
i have learned from experance build it once and build it big!!!!
hope you make the right choices.
good luck and happy wheeling.
lockrites are noisy when turning. The new gearless locker thingie is supposed to be quieter and nicer, but not as cheap.

IMO, LS's are awesome on road and junk offroad. I run a True Trac in my old minitruck for a daily and loved it. Looking for something for my GMC now. But worthless offroad.

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