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Jun 13, 2011
Atlanta, GA
Hey all, I finally have taken the leap from an ’88 Grand Wagoneer to a ’99 Land Cruiser. I just got it this weekend but it doesn’t have a manual. I’m trying to figure things out as I go but need a bit of help on this one. This forum looks like just the right place to start! When the center diff lock in engaged, do any indicator lights illuminate? What about when moving the transfer case to Low range? When I presume I’m in those modes, there are no indicator lights that I can see. When I then lock the rear diff, the rear diff light on the dash as well as the ABS warning light come on (as you would expect). I couldn’t get that to happen without a locked center diff, could I?
Center diff will show up on the dash. VSC(?? It's a 99, VSC yay or nay?), and the two axles with a X in the middle will light up. I don't have a 99 but I do think a RR Locker light shows up.

You cannot engage the locker in High Range with out doing a mod (search).

To go from high range to low range come to a complete stop, shift into neutral using your D-R-N-1-2-3 and then pull the transfer cast shifter back into N and then L. It may be stiff if it's never been used. If you hear grinding you fawked up somewhere.

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