diff FJ-45 - FJ40 early 79

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Feb 24, 2006
Acton Vale

I find a guy who sell two Diffs with warn lock and SOA. Look's original with spring perch on top and it's the size of my FJ40's Diffs . He tell me that it's come from a pick-up maybe 1979.

Mini-truck have spring perch on the top but it's normaly not the size of a Fj40's diff. Does FJ-45 Diff was SOA ? The spring perch on top look like manufactured this way ! They use Warn lock only for FJ-BJ series or mini-truck had those lock??
I forget to tell that it's have disc brake for the front diff... and the bolt pattern is the same of my Bj40
FJ45's did NOT come with SOA from the factory

FJ60 front housings have pads on top of the axle housing that look similar to spring saddle pads. They would also have a depression near the front and rear of the saddle that ran ACROSS the saddle where their u-bolts sat.

Measure the axle width carefully. WMS [wheel mounting surface] for a 45 axle would be the same as your 40. A 60 would be ~3" wider.


Mark A.

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