diff drainplug dillema

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Apr 24, 2003
anyone out there got any tips for getting my diff drainplug out, the protective ring around it has been bent up against the bolt head by the PO.
First off, buy a new drainplug (I had a spare off of my old 4runner, fit in there just right)

1) Could weld a bolt to the end of the plug, the heat should loosen it off and you'll have a new head to crank on

2) Pound a socket on there

3) Take a chisel and hammer, bang a notch into the plug. Then at a 45 deg angle or so, bang away to loosen it off
Happened to me too. I used the welder technique. After removal the ring was repaired and braced. I made a sort of skid plate that fit around the ring, out of thicker material and hammered it to fit using an anvil. I welded it in place and "presto"... damage proof drain plug protector.

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