Diff broken after 300 miles

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Dec 20, 2003
I got a new front diff from Randy Rack and Pinion. I drained the diff after 300 miles to find alot of metal flakes. Did I mention that it pulls hard to the left in 4wd. It makes a clicking sound (like a broken CV) but it comes from the differential. It feels like I have a locker and a broken passenger axle shaft. Drive axles are in good shape. The 4wd takes awile to disengage and my right front tire barks when engaged, followed by a loud CLUNK when it disengages. Could this be a problem with the intermediate shaft or the ADD? I am stumped


want a SAS, but have no job. Oh well looks like I'll be using 2wd more now

Any tips or ideas about this damn diff.
??? :-[ ???
found out today that RANDY'S sent 3.91 gears in the complete diff my brother ordered. -- WTF??

anybody know of any possible damages that can occure down the road from this problem?? any suggestions on what to say to randy tomorrow since there was excessive wear on the drivetrain

thanks and i would stay away, far away from Randy's Ring and Pinion
on high traction surfaces the tcase could get damaged. what gears should it have?
if you drove on road in 4wd with 2 different diff ratios, you are in for some expensive trouble....

and he did drive on the road and there was extremly loud noises -- click - pop - crunch - pop. and reverse was needed to disengage the 4wd

he called toyota today and they told him that in 4wd tire chirp and loud clunks are NORMAL -- sure thing buddy. the tech told my brother that no damage will occure with a different gear set!! -- who the hell would say such a thing??

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