Diff breather tubes

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Mar 28, 2003
Thought I'd better check these tubes and and make sure they are clear. Where are they located?

What is involved in cleaning them out? I have a compressor available.
Just grab em out from under there...easy to detach and they run to frame height in stock config.

Easy :banana: job. Use air, a hanger, whatever...you can even replace them with some equally sized lines of your own.

Lots run new ones to the engine compartment and even tie into snorkle for those "deep moments"

just remove the end that terminates near the top of the differential and see if air can pass in/out of the hose. they shouldn't clog, but sometimes the cap that is on the upper end of the hose can cause problems. trans and tcase breathers terminate part of the way up on the trans dipstick tube, but don't actually tie into the dipstick as it appears.

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