Diesel42’s Turbo Kit in a 1985 BJ70

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Feb 23, 2020
Fremont CA
I have to say, this is the best thing I’ve done to the 3B powered 70 so far. It is beyond driveable. Purchased the kit from @Diesel42 and he is beyond helpful.

I’ll adjust this writeup as I go and add to this thread including install tips but for now... Here is some photos of what I have done so far. I am still dialing in the adjustments I need to make but I already see an improvement.

If you can change oil and replace brake pads/rotors, you will be able to install this turbo, imho.

My 70 is a 1985...it may differ between years so be

Oil filter: using a Mopar M0-090 oil filter. It is the proper height to clear the supplied manifold. Another option would be to get an adapter that relocates to the oil filter

Power steering reservoir: Had to relocate mine because the turbo gets in the way of the line that goes to the reservoir. I will be looking for a 13BT powered 70 series reservoir...any leads please contact me lol

Oil drain line: You will need to drill and weld the supplied bung to your oil pan. If you have the first gen 3B, there is still a readily available cork gasket

Pyrometer and Boost Guage: Autometer for both. This is a user option.

Vacuum lines: Coming out of the injection pump, you will see two rubber hoses, secure the ends with zip ties. This was recommended by Diesel42.

Connection to oem airbox: I am working on this right now and I’ll post what I find. The diameter of the turbo‘s compressor wheel is smaller than the oem airbox so a reducer will be needed at some point.

Wastegate hose: the one that came with my turbo was short, no big deal though. I went down to the auto parts store and spen




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Pretty sweet!
Can you give me an idea of what kind of a budget this mod would require?
Thank you!

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