Diesel v Petrol fj40 rebuild

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Jan 23, 2015
Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy my first fj40 to restore - thinking I will go straight into a frame off restoration. Pickings are slim in Oz at the moment and I was leaning towards a petrol engine (2F preferably). I am not seeing many good petrol fj40's but there are some reasonable diesels to be had-( at a price).

I was hoping to do most of the engine work myself and feel confidant enough around petrol engines, but haven't had much experience around diesel engine rebuilds. Is there much difference in rebuilding a diesel compared to a petrol engine. I figure that injectors would have to be sent off to be serviced etc and that would add cost to the engine rebuild. Is there a significant cost difference between rebuilding the two?

Any help or info would be much appreciated, Cheers

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